M1 Adana Shopping Center Becomes The Finalist In The "Shopping Mall Growth" Category Of ICSC European Shopping Centers Award 2019

The award-winning projects will be awarded at the 2019 European Conference & Exhibition to be held in Barcelona, Spain on April 10th. ICSC organizes competition programs in order to encourage outstanding projects, achievements in the real estate sector, their light shed to the future and to reward the “Best of the Best”. These programs are considered as the most important success criteria of excellence and prestige in the sector.
M1 Adana Shopping Mall, as the joint project of METRO Properties and FİBA Commercial Properties, has remained the best shopping mall of Adana and the region since its opening in 2000. With the renovation and growth project realized in 2017, it has become the centre of attraction of the region as a shopping mall that always takes into account the changing needs of its customers.
M1 Adana, acting with the aim of creating the projects of the future, not today, has a total of 200 national and international stores serving in a wider framework in a leasable area of 90 thousand square meters.
METRO Properties’ General Manager and Regional Manager for Asia, Gündüz Bayer stated that “In the future, everything will be built on what is available. All shopping malls will desire to adapt to change and renew their concept and store mixes accordingly in order to act in accordance with the dynamics of the time. “Ensuring the sustainability of success can only be achieved by focusing on change,” he said, emphasizing the important steps taken by M1 Adana in the process of renewal, change and transformation, and “The fact that our project is a finalist in the 2019 ICSC Awards means that this success is rewarded, so we are proud of it, we expect to be the winner in Barcelona,” he added.”
FİBA Commercial Properties CEO and Board Member Yurdaer Kahraman, referring to the success of M1 Adana Shopping Mall has increased after the renovation and growth project made in 2017, also stated, “We always take the changing needs of our visitors and the retail industry into consideration. After the renovation and growth project we realized with this point of view, M1 Adana Shopping Mall has become one of the important attraction centres of the region. We are pleased that we have achieved such a meaningful success at the ICSC Awards, which awards the best in the industry, we will be more pleased to receive the award at the 2019 European Conference” he said.