Collaboration Between FİBA CP And LC Waikiki Getting Stronger

FiBA Commercial Properties in Turkey’s leading commercial real estate investors, the most important apparel brand LC Waikiki with our country strengthens cooperation in domestic and foreign markets. LC Waikiki, one of the significant brand of the fashion retail industry, currently offering service in their 2 thousand m2 store in M1 Adana Shopping Mall which is one of the FiBA CP’s investments in Turkey, has moved a new store which sized approximately 4 thousand m2.
FiBA Commercial Properties, carrying out projects in Turkey’s many cities and abroad as in China, Romania and Moldova in the commercial real estate sector, has taken a sustainable step forward to collaborate with fashion retail industry’s leading brand LC Waikiki.
LC Waikiki, the leading brand of the fashion retail sector, currently serving with its 2 thousand m2 store in M1 Adana Shopping Mall, has moved to a new and larger store of approximately 4 thousand m2. With its renewed face, LC Waikiki will appeal to visitors from both Adana and the surrounding regions with its full new concept store.
“We are happy with the synergy we have achieved …”
FİBA Commercial Properties CEO and Board Member Yurdaer Kahraman, who explained that LC Waikiki and FİBA CP have achieved important projects in their domestic and international investments thanks to the synergy and cooperation based on trust, also stated that, “We have maintained the harmony we have achieved with LC Waikiki over the years and we are pleased to realize new projects with them. As FİBA CP family, we take utmost care to listen to the people of the region in our investments in Turkey and abroad. In all our renovation and enlargement processes, we consider their requests in the leases we make. With the effect of the renovation we carried out in M1 Adana Shopping Mall, as a result of the expansion of customer demands and the area of influence, our existing stores are also going to expand their areas and increase the range of services they offer. We have a long history of cooperation with LC Waikiki both at local and global. We believe that our visitors will welcome the fact that it will now serve in a wider area in M1 Adana Shopping Mall”.
Vahap Küçük, LC Waikiki Chairman of the Board, stated that they continue to offer their services in the country and abroad with the mission of “dressing well is everyone’s right” has also said “We continue to invest at a certain rate every year to achieve our goals in line with our global brand understanding and 2023 vision. We are happy to cooperate in FİBA CP’s domestic and international shopping malls and contribute to the national economy.”