Murat Özyeğin: “We Knew What We Are Not, And I Think That Is The Point...”

FİBA Holding Board Member Murat Özyeğin and FİBA Commercial Properties CEO, Board Member Yurdaer Kahraman attended the 11th AYD Shopping Economy Summit organized by the Shopping Malls and Investors Association. In the conversation held within the scope of the summit, Murat Özyeğin; “New trends affect investment decisions. “People now have to question that “what do I do differently?”
FİBA Commercial Properties, which continues its activities in the field of commercial real estate with its domestic and international projects, attended the AYD Shopping Economy Summit, which was organized for the 11th time by the Association of Shopping Malls and Investors and was the main sponsor.
During the “Agenda, Shopping Mall Investments, Future” interview to be held with the participation of Murat Özyeğin, member of the Board of Directors of FİBA Holding and answered the questions of JLL Country President Avi Alkaş, Murat Özyeğin has shared his views on the present and the future of their Shopping Mall investments and evaluated the agenda and possible market expectations.
Murat Özyeğin stated, “As FİBA Group, we have gained important experiences in our journey in business life. The most important one of these achievements was the fact that “the day we thought was the worst was actually not that bad, and the day we saw ourselves above we were not on top of the world as we thought”. The most critical point in business life; to reach levels that are realistic and acceptable to everyone. We knew what we are not, and i think that is the point”. ”
“Commercial real estate is an area that requires authenticity”
Speaking about the new generation shopping mall concept, Özyeğin; “The most critical issue is to closely monitor the tenants’ performance, customer profile, needs and trade. To collect these data, to create decision mechanisms by analysing them. It is necessary to create value together, not to stay away from tenants. For this reason, I believe that new generation shopping malls should be in a very close relationship with their tenants. It is of great importance to follow the developing new technologies. The commercial real estate sector in our country has become a more complicated sector that has to be managed with different technologies and tactics. However, our industry is an area that everyone unfortunately thinks they can do anything. In the new order, we are so competitive that this logic cannot work. “It is necessary to be original and leave the job to the competent person.”
Referring to the need to examine very carefully while investing, Özyeğin said, “One should not say “If they can do it, I will do it, too. The needs, the market should be examined very carefully. New trends affect investment decisions. “People now have to question that “what do I do differently?”
“Our aim is to move our industry forward”
The opening session of the summit was held by FİBA Commercial Properties CEO and Board Member Yurdaer Kahraman. He spoke of the current investments and future plans of his institution. He gave information about FİBA Commercial Property Management (FİBA CPM), the new subsidiary of FİBA CP.
Mr. Kahraman, pointing out that FIBA CPM is a reflection of the experience based on years of corporate, “already are doing shopping mall management in Turkey and in the global arena. We realized that these experiences will add value to our sector stakeholders. We established FİBA CPM to transfer this value to both our own commercial real estates and other institutions”.
Stating that they serve under the roof of FİBA CPM in areas such as leasing, asset management, project management, architectural design and construction management, finance and financial affairs, shopping mall management and operation, marketing with a 360-degree management approach, Mr. Kahraman said “We will bring together customer, tenant and investor demands under the most efficient conditions. We will work to provide maximum benefit to all projects to be managed. We will focus on sustainability of the projects and adding value to the region by continuing our principles that we have adopted before under this roof.”
Mr. Kahraman has also mentioned about currently ongoing projects that they manage, and added “Currently we manage Star Mall Shenyang in China, Plaza Romania and Bucuresti Mall in Romania, Moldova – Shopping MallDova and in Turkey Inegol Shopping Mall. We carry out the leasing management of M1 Adana Shopping Mall, M1 Gaziantep Shopping Mall, M1 Konya Shopping Mall, M1 Kartal Shopping Mall projects. As of January 2019, we have undertaken the management and leasing of Gebze Center Shopping Mall. Our goal is to increase the commercial success and customer satisfaction of the centres we manage and lease, and to create high quality standards for visitors.”
In his speech, Mr. Kahraman addressed his colleagues and expressed his wishes for 2019, and added “When I look at 2019, I firmly believe that if we combine our forces with the lessons and experiences we have taken from the past in a sincere, correct and sustainable manner, we will make more progress on behalf of our sector both domestically and abroad”.