M1 Kartal Shopping Mall Is Rented To ANPA Gross Market

As of 2021, M1 Kartal Shopping Mall, a mutual investment of FİBA Commercial Properties and METRO Properties Turkey, has started to host Anpa Gross Market, a shining star of retail marketing with its 30 years of sectoral experience. As of February 1, 2021, the shopping mall opened its doors for the visitors under the name of Anpa Gross Wholesale and Retail Market with the slogan “Address for Profitable Shopping”.
M1 Kartal Shopping Mall, which has the feature of being a retail park and shopping mall that meets different tastes and needs for Kartal and the people of that region for 20 years, has started to host its visitors with a brand new concept and name after a successful lease during the pandemic period with the name of Anpa Gross Market.
METRO Properties Turkey and FİBA Commercial Properties, achieved a new success with a cooperation that took place under the extraordinary conditions of the period and leased their property of 33 thousand square meter in Kartal, Istanbul, the M1 Kartal Shopping Mall to Anpa Gross Market.
Anpa Gross Market, which continue to operate with their 30 years of sectoral experience, will serve Kartal and the people of the surrounding area with more than 30 thousand product types and 3 thousand vehicles parking lot in the shopping mall. Welcoming 65 thousand visitors in the first three days, Anpa has already become the address of lucrative shopping in the region.
Along with this progress, the preparation of 60 thousand m2 residential project, which will greatly contribute region to transform into a living centre, and located right next to Anpa Gross Market, and have already attracted the attention of investors, has been managed by FİBA Commercial Properties and METRO Properties Turkey.