FİBA CPM's First Project Is Gebze Center Shopping Mall

The first project of FİBA Commercial Property Management (FİBA CPM) in Turkey that operates the shopping mall management and leasing, founded in the last quarter of 2018 as a subsidiary of FİBA Commercial Properties (FİBA CP) , a FİBA Group company; is Gebze Center Shopping Mall.
As a reflection of the sector experience gained by FİBA Commercial Properties (FİBA CP), which has been operating in the commercial real estate sector with local and international projects for more than 20 years, the first project in Turkey of FİBA Commercial Property Management (FİBA CPM) founded in the last quarter of 2018, is Gebze Center Shopping Mall..
Taking over all management functions of Gebze Center Shopping Mall, FİBA CPM will work to bring together tenant, customer and investor demands under the most efficient conditions.
FİBA Commercial Properties CEO and Board Member Yurdaer Kahraman stated that they aim to provide the ideal environment for tenants and contribute to the increase in turnover by establishing advanced standards in shopping malls with FİBA CPM, and also added “We’re already managing shopping malls in Turkey and in the global arena. We realized that these experiences will add value to our sector stakeholders. We established FİBA CPM to transfer this value to both our own commercial real estates and other institutions. We serve under the roof of FİBA CPM in areas such as leasing, asset management, project management, architectural design and construction management, finance and financial affairs, shopping mall management and operation, marketing with a 360-degree management approach.”
“Our goal is to build high quality standards…”
Stating that the main objectives of FİBA CPM will be to add value to the commercial real estates they will manage and Mr. Kahraman also said, “Gebze Shopping Mall will be the first FİBA CPM management project that is not owned by the Fiba Group. Therefore, it has a special importance for us. We will work with our experienced team to ensure that high quality standards are created for both our business partners and our visitors. “We are happy that Doğuş REIT trusts FİBA CPM and gave us the management of Gebze Center, the only shopping mall in the region,” he said.
Fiba CPM, which offers solution partnerships that add value to investors and property owners in the field of shopping mall management with the synergy gained from FİBA CP and the experience gained from local and international investments, takes management of the projects Star Mall in China, Plaza Romania and Bucuresti Mall in Romania, and Shopping Malldova in Moldova and in Turkey, İnegöl Shopping Mall, M1 Adana Shopping Mall, M1 Gaziantep Shopping Mall, M1 Konya Shopping Mall, M1 Kartal Shopping Mall.