FİBA Commercial Properties is extending their Global Joint Ventures

With the aim of raising efficiency and performance of commercial properties, investing in shopping malls, offices, residences, hotel and cinema in Turkey and worldwide, FİBA Commercial Properties has signed new collaborations with local and global brands such as Calvin Klein, Samsung, Starbucks, Siemens and LC Waikiki. With its strong team and result-oriented approach, FİBA CP brought together nearly 100 new stores in 10 shopping malls in 4 countries during the last 6 months.
FİBA Commercial Properties (FİBA CP), one of the leading commercial real estate investors in our country, carries their experience that gained from the investments they manage globally to our country.
FİBA CP, that is steering the sector and signing several award-winning projects in Turkey, China, Romania and Moldova thanks to their leading and sustainable service policy, continues to realize long-term collaborations with global brands in national and international shopping mall investments despite all the difficulties of the pandemic period. Adding global giant brands to its brand mix, FİBA CP brought together nearly 100 new stores with its visitors in the last 6 months with its devoted efforts and result-oriented approach.
FİBA Commercial Properties CEO and Board Member Yurdaer Kahraman, who specifies that they signed new collaborations in shopping malls both in Turkey and abroad, also stated that “This period that we are going through has been a challenging one that has affected the society in many aspects such as health, economy, education and social life on a global scale. The experience we gained through our investments in different countries enabled us to approach events more calmly and with common sense in this process. As the FİBA CP family, we have succeeded in establishing long-term collaborations despite the pandemic, thanks to our result-oriented approaches and our open and trust-based cooperation understanding. In the last 6 months, we have brought together nearly 100 new stores with our customers by adding strong and leading brands in global and local terms to our service mix in 10 shopping malls located in four countries.”
“Leader brands both globally and locally…”
Explaining that they kept their communication with the sector strong in this process and thus added many local and global brands to the FİBA CP family, Kahraman said, “One of the world’s largest coffee shop chains, Starbucks opened its first store in İnegöl in İnegöl Shopping Mall. Thanks to the intense interest in M1Adana Shopping Mall, we also offered the second Starbucks store to the service for our visitors. We made the third Starbucks store to meet coffee lovers at M1Konya Shopping Mall, our investment in Konya, which operates under the management of our shopping mall rental and management company FİBA Commercial Property Management. We further strengthened our cooperation with LC Waikiki, one of the strongest brands of the fashion retail industry in the world. LC Waikiki, serving with 4 stores in our shopping malls in Turkey, has moved from the store which they are currently operating sized 2 thousand m2 in M1Adana Shopping Mall, to a new flagship store about 4 thousand m2. One of the first cosmetic stores, Sevil Parfumeri, has opened its doors in M1 Adana Shopping Mall. Many national and international brands such as South Korean technology giant Samsung, Siemens Home Appliances which offer quality together with technology, Penti Young Store and Melange Cafe met with our customers at M1Konya Shopping Mall, the social life centre of Konya. In Gebze Center, which we manage under the name of FİBA CPM, opening the doors of the brands such as Greyder one of the most preferred brands of shoe fashion; Madame Moss that appeals to women’s clothing, Boyner that is one of our most important retail groups, Packet Burger, Durumle that are food brands, as well as Beko, that offer service nationally and internationally, for the visitors shows us that the shopping mall is the focal point in the region.”
“40 new stores for Starmall Shopping Mall in China…”
Expressing that they have expanded their brand range in their national shopping malls, FİBA Commercial Properties CEO and Board Member Yurdaer Kahraman stated that they also signed long-term collaborations with brands in shopping mall investments abroad. Kahraman said, “We brought together brands such as Engie store in our shopping malls in Romania, Plaza Romania Shopping Center as well as Gant and Calvin Klein Jeans in Bucuresti Mall with the visitors. The openings of these brands created great excitement in the regions where the shopping malls are located and were met with great interest. In our Starmall Shopping Mall in China, 40 new stores in different categories of food and beverages, hobby supplies and so on, have recently opened their doors.”
Kahraman also added to speech that, “As FİBA CP, we have a strong team of experts on a global scale. Thanks to our devoted work, our stakeholders, retailers and our industry, we have done quite successfully with a sustainable and trust-based communication and cooperation. Our new store openings will continue in the upcoming period”