FİBA Commercial Properties Has Been Awarded “2021 Kincentric Best Employers”

FİBA Commercial Properties, which owns, invests and manages globally shopping malls, offices, residential projects, hotel and cinema complexes with the goal of increasing efficiency and values of commercial real estate has been awarded “2021 Kincentric Best Employer” in Turkey.
One of the country’s leading commercial real estate investors FİBA Commercial Properties (FİBA CP) became entitled to receive “Best Employer Turkey 2021 -” Best Workplace” according to the evaluation results made by the employees in scope of “Kincentric Best Employers” which was conducted by Kincentric in Turkey for 2020-2021 period.
CEO and Board Member of FİBA Commercial Properties Yurdaer Kahraman stated that: “The environment with full of trust we have set up in our investments in a wide geography from China to Romania, from Moldova to Turkey, strong and open communication and perception of sustainability brought us this success. The deep-rooted corporate culture created by the Fiba Group and Özyeğin Family guided us through this success. Our value and the synergy that we have created with our team in Turkey and global, during the process of receiving this significant award, have a great importance. We are aware of that the customer satisfaction is possible with employee commitment and we will continue to present based on the responsibility of this award that has been received from our employees as a pleasure to our customers and partners.”
In the research conducted within the scope of the Kincentric Best Employers program, companies are evaluated by their employees under the titles of “Commitment”, “Agility”, “Leadership That Enables” and “Talent Focus”. As a result of the evaluation made by employees of FİBA Commercial Properties (FİBA CP), which participated for the first time in research conducted since 2006 in Turkey, Kincentric, FİBA CP was awarded “Best Employer-The Best Workplace” in 2021.
Employee commitment is our most important value…
CEO and Board Member of FİBA Commercial Properties, Yurdaer Kahraman emphasized that the company’s human resources and leadership policies have a special meaning when employees are rewarded and said: “The business world is going through extreme difficult times under the impact of the pandemic, and the management of qualified people has become more important than ever during this period. Despite the health, sociological, psychological and economic effects of the pandemic in 2020, as FİBA CP, we were able to continue our work successfully apart from all the difficulties of the period, with the momentum of being a strong team and believe in open communication. Despite being in a difficult and troubled period as the world itself, it has a special meaning that we have gained the trust and loyalty of our employees. Thanks to our close cooperation with Ozyegin University, we support the continuous development of our employees with the training opportunities we offer them equally in their career journeys and we are proud of their successes. This mutual satisfaction has brought us this meaningful award today. Our brand, our strong communication network, the sincerity of our teams and the values we had together have a big share in this success. Employee commitment is our primarily value and we are delighted that this value is rewarded.”